***Important Announcement***

Physical gatherings have resumed. A service for high risk individuals will be offered at 9am. Our regular service takes place at 10:30am. State-issued recommendations and guidelines will be followed. Livestream below for online participants at 10:30am!

RE: food distribution. Food will still be made available during normal hours on Tuesdays, but will include major modifications to how food is

distributed. Groceries will be prepackaged with proper food handling precautions and distributed open-air in the carport as a "drive-through" pantry.

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    Gospel-Centered Teaching
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    Gospel-Centered Community
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    Gospel-Centered Service


Sunday Service

10:30 - 11:45AM

Core Seminars

9:30 - 10:15AM



4141 Holland Rd. Va Beach


Watch Our Sunday Service Livestream

Check out last week's teaching to get an idea of what a Sunday at Water's Edge is like...